Welcome to my web design and development portfolio page.

Below is a selection of my works as a UI / UX Designer & Developer. All of these projects required a complete service, from web design through the site development, to the final process of security, SEO and launching without any issues, on time!

Web design and development, Data collection system, monthly updating, SEO and analytics setup.

Ally Law is an international legal service joining together no fewer than 2000 lawyers and advisers to provide services globally.

The site was built from the ground up to be easy to adjust and add to because of the constant flow of content and firms. It also incorporates a membership system and data collection system.

Web design and development, full bespoke membership system, monthly updating, analytics, external data pulls.

Ally Members is a membership portal for Ally Law Firms. It is an independently built and run membership service built specifically for Ally Law members.

Web design and development, Motion graphics to emphasize flying, large imagery to portray the sports highlights.

Paragliding 121 needed to stand out from the paragliding school websites, and emphasize fun and the way individual training can get you flying faster.

Built from the ground up with that idea in mind, the site incorporates tons of movement with a slight tongue in cheek feel.

Web design and development, Google review system, analytics and SEO, monthly monitoring and updating.

KWW is a London Law firm which was looking to modernize their website to better tell the story of who they had become.

Working with them we built a site which shows how they still have their roots in the community, but have developed to become a larger, and growing, London firm.

Web design and development, Modernizing online presence, mobile in mind, monthly monitoring and updating.

CLRM needed their websites mobile version to be completely rebuilt, but the whole site ran on outdated tech, so for the same cost my peers quoted just for the mobile setup, I built them a whole new website to fit modern design standards, and of course, to function beautifully on mobile!

Web design and development, built in manual or automatic translation system, bi-monthly newsletter, monthly updating, analytics, external data pulls.

Ally Latinx was built for the Latin America based firms which are a part of Ally Law. This site provides news specific to the members from that part of the world.

I built the site maintaining the look and feel of Ally Law, but making it work for the audience it targets, which included building a translation system which automatically translates the site into Spanish or Portuguese, or offers the ability to manually change the translations.

Web design and development based on existing branding. Built with translation system for its international client base.

A law firm based in Mexico City. CMGD Law needed a facelift to bring their website in line with their services.

I designed the website from the ground up, focusing on the usability and, in particular, on having a clean clear switch between English and Spanish.

Temporary page for the clients upcoming website and company launch.

After building a website several years prior for the original founding company, FFhealth Law, I created a single page intro for the pending new site.

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